Gentlemen's Dwelling 
"The Champagne Of Web-Series"
Starring Ben Leasure, Joe Lankheet, and Zach Stasz
The Story of three good-hearted morons and their attempts at competency.
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Two brothers, Donald and Louie, with completely polar views on personal hygience, morals, and cleanliness who share a tiny apartment with their loveable idiot neighbor turned roommate, Crantz. 
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Season 1 (8 Episodes)     
A Raw Flame Production
Updated Weekly. 

Executive Producer and Writer:  Joe Lankheet
Co-Executive Producers: Ben Leasure, and Zach Stasz.
Produced by: Lindsey Timko.
AD/Editor: Lindsey Timko Directed by: Giles Sherwood - Click for photos and news. Like to stay in.

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